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Welcome to our authors' page, Whimsical Thoughts. In keeping with our name, we're not too serious about ourselves . . . we love to present our stories in a light-hearted manner . . . we want them to be fun and easy to read. That is our style. It doesn't mean our topics cannot be serious, it only means that we present them differently. We hope you'll agree, and enjoy reading our novels. In fact, once you begin, we're sure you won't be able to put them down. And isn't that what good recreational reading is all about?

Matapalo. . . Book Review . . . BUY
by Daniel Lechner
Amazon: ($16.99, 322 pages, paperback)

An emerging Matapalo tree of guarantees may someday strangle all freedoms!

An absolutely scintillating walk in time bringing back memories and memories galore! World War II is over, the peace dividend from the war is providing energy. Five class members of the most Blessed Generation in history begin cruising down their highway of life. Each has only to reach out and grab a ride, to leisurely enjoy life, for all has been put into place by earlier sacrifices of others. Life is good! It's the only life ever known.

Time passes. Conditions change. The peace dividend ends. Optimism and opportunity fade. Life becomes more difficult and more complex as risk increases everywhere. Guarantees are demanded by society to maintain the good life.

Each class member soon discovers that guarantees strangely reduce freedoms. The Matapalo tree of guarantees grows larger and larger, rapidly taking control of everyone's life.

A fresh rebirth of freedom emerges from an unlikely source.

Le Blanc'd
by Daniel Lechner . . . BUY
Tate Publishing: ($16.99, 206 pages, paperback)

The Washington Statesman, a mid-20th century relic, is in deep financial trouble. Owner Preston Daley realizes he must update his newspaper, so quickly rushes to turn things around by hiring an adolescent package of technology called Ackerley Greatbanks.

About the same time, a French dandy, Count Le Blanc, appears from nowhere; then a major crime wave begins in Georgetown; now Mr. Daley's favorite painting is stolen! Immediately the brazen thief steps forward with an amazing announcement!

Light heartedly follow Detective Jack Beebe, Circulation Manager Basil Fasset, Information Technology guru Ackerley Greatbanks, plus a slew of lesser characters, as they thrash about and stumble within the story's plot to its exciting conclusion. WHIMSICAL THOUGHTS